The perfect Comfort for every Room

Find the perfect temperature in every room you step foot in with the Full Airflow Zone System™

Congratulations Your New Home Has A FAZS™ Control System!

You have a state-of-the-art HVAC system that is designed to make your home the most comfortable home you have ever lived in. It is a hybrid zone system that has a unique control sequence and duct design that allows all of your HVAC system’s airflow to go to one area at a time. The result is faster heating and cooling being delivered to the one area in your new home where it is needed. To operate your new system all you have to do is follow the instructions on your thermostats! The control operates in the background based on the zone priorities.

According to the Department of Energy the average HVAC heat pump system is oversized by 23% and the ducts are undersized. This results in an energy efficiency loss of over 34% every time an HVAC system calls for heating or cooling.  Zone systems have long been used in HVAC retrofits to try and cover up bad installation practices and duct designs based on 75-year-old practices. Based on the physics of traditional HVAC system designs all homes will have hot and cold spots that vary in location based on the constantly changing outside weather, sun position, and inside room usage.  The equipment oversizing is an effort by contractors to compensate for the antiquated design practices. The duct under sizing is a result of not understanding basic airflow design requirements.

The Full Airflow Zone System controller is a new type of zone control. It satisfies one zone at a time using the system’s full airflow. By taking into consideration your home’s time of day and possible room usage the FAZSTM control system designer divided your home into 3 zones with equivalent heating and cooling requirements. However, those requirements are not all equal at the same time, they vary in cooling and heating mode and also by room usage. For example, the number of people along with the added kitchen load for a party in the great room containing living, dinning, and kitchen space can maintain the set temperature on the thermostat since your new HVAC system is designed to deliver all of the home’s cooling to that one area at a time.  

Please thank your home builder for upgrading your home’s HVAC system for comfort and energy savings potential. Your full airflow zone system has been designed and installed by a superior HVAC contractor who considered all of the factors required for your home’s unique system design. Your new HVAC system has been installed to handle diversity in heating and cooling needs. Simply stated diversity for HVAC means in a 24-hour period the heating and cooling needs in various areas of your home are different and change over time. Thus, your new system is designed to meet the various possible needs as they arise.  You will never need to adjust dampers on diffusers seasonally and/or turn the thermostat for the whole house down in the summer because the upstairs is too warm. Your HVAC system will automatically adjust for seasonal temperature related changes.

A recommended best practice for your new system is to set all of the thermostats in either heating or cooling and withing a few degrees of each other with the fan in auto mode. For example, zones could be set at 77, 73, and 75 based on the activity in the different areas/zones. The good news is the system will work if the thermostats are set differently. For example, if you are set for cooling on the 1st and 2nd floor, and heating in the basement the FAZSTM controller will make it happen.

Enjoy your new system and be sure to let your friends know that the builder’s considered your ultimate comfort when they designed your new home with a thermostat in the master suite.