What Contractors should know

What every HVAC contractor should know but probably doesn’t.

Capacity Deployment System” AKA: FAZS™

With the addition of one Full airflow Zone System™ (FAZS™) control panel a professional contractor can now use to upgrade a builder grade single speed HVAC system, into a three-zone system. When properly designed and installed the customer will enjoy a more comfortable home that is designed to automatically adjust to meet varying internal and external heating and cooling loads.

Zone Dampers are a cutting-edge innovation designed to revolutionize the way we control airflow and temperature in our homes or commercial spaces.

These advanced dampers are engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, allowing for seamless zoning of HVAC systems to achieve optimal comfort and energy savings. Whether it’s a large building with multiple zones or a residential property with different temperature preferences in various rooms, Ultra-Zone Zone Dampers provide an intelligent solution by regulating airflow and directing it precisely where it’s needed. Say goodbye to hot or cold spots and welcome the era of tailored climate control with Ultra-Zone Zone Dampers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the FAZS control board so special?

It is the only control board available that holds zones closed until a higher priority zone is satisfied. This allows designers the ability to consider diversity in their design. It also uses single speed basic HVAC equipment for low load applications.

What is the point of installing a zone system?

Comfort first and foremost. However, this is because zoning can resolve north vs south and east vs west time of day load swings in a home.

When ducts need to carry all of the airflow to each zone doesn’t that cost a lot more to build?

The additional cost is for the three control dampers, an additional two thermostats and for some more thermostat wire. The duct for homes built to code for a FAZS system will be similar in size to a home built in the 1970s.

Is the FAZS control board hard to set up?

No, most of the connection mistakes are due to technicians not programming thermostats correctly. If the EWC control dampers recommended are used the lights on the board and on the dampers will show when they are open. Our in-house Technical Assistance will help if there are any questions.

Do I need to install a bypass duct system for this type of zone control to work properly?

No. The duct system must be designed for full airflow to each of the three zones. Therefore,          there is no need for bypass ducting.

Can the FAZS Control be used on multi story homes?

Yes. One HVAC contractor installed the control board after a traditional zone board failed to maintain comfort control of a third story apartment. Another contractor has used the board with a dump zone to replace two unit with one in two story homes.

Is humidity control a problem with a FAZS application?

The system always operates the single speed equipment at full speed, thus problems associated with ramping down the speed of the system or bypassing air is avoided in the FAZS.

Does the FAZS control do more than 3 zones?

No, each zone should be 25% of the calculated load. Since it is virtually impossible to have a load for heating and cooling that can be divided into four equal parts, the three-zone limit was established.

Does the FAZS control board work with any type of damper?

Yes. However, the motor open motor close EWC dampers are recommended for easy setup of the control board.

When the FAZS controller sends all of the airflow to one zone, does that cause drafts?

The control is designed for low load homes but can be used in new homes with a duct system designed to send all of the airflow to one zone at a time. In home that have over 1000ft2 per ton the airflow to the space will actually be similar to a traditional system built in the 90s or before.

Don’t zones not calling get stagnant air?

No. To properly install a FAZS control there should be an outside air source as mandated by code for tight homes. Additionally, each zone damper can be manually locked so it does not close all of the way and allows 5-10% of the airflow when the system is on for circulation.

How can I do the duct design using a Manual D spread sheet?

You currently need to use three sheets one for each zone. We have notified the leading programming companies of the needed update for LLH duct zone systems.

What if the highest priority zone is operating and another zone calls?

Based on operating experience this does not happen often if the zones are selected well. However, when it does happen the wait is not very long since the full tonnage of the HVAC system is being applied to the one zone.

What if one zone is on heat and another is on cool?

For a heat pump, the control board turns the system off for 3 minutes and then switches from heat to cool, or from cool to heat.

Is there a warranty on the control board and EWC dampers?

EWC manufactured dampers and control boards for FAZS. They provide a five-year warranty on the dampers, and board they manufacture based on the boards numbering and sales date.