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  • The ND Damper is constructed using Heavy Duty 0.80” extruded aluminum.
  • Nylon Bearings for quiet operation.
  • Overlapping parallel blade design.
  • Reliable operation up to 1.5”wc and 1500FPM duct velocities.
  • The UL Listed Motor Actuator.
  • 24vac 3 wire power open/ power close or floating function.
  • The motor actuator is rated at 18”lbs. of torque. Superior to low torque Spring type motors.
  • The Motor Actuator housing is rated NEMA1.
  • Integrated End-Stop Adjustment allows a percentage of Relief Air (Leakage) when the damper is powered closed.
  • You may set a maximum open position as well, which is useful during test and balancing procedures.
  • Bright green and red LED’s Indicate damper open and closed position.

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